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Based on many years of experience across diverse industries, our Staff Augmentation services are designed to complement your company’s unique technical and business objectives. In fact, we consider our ability to identify staffing candidates with the ideal blend of technical skills and scalable experience to be one of our key strengths

We offer proven insights, talented professionals and a wide range of solutions to streamline HR while continuing to support the needs of your business. Our industry expertise, combined with an extensive network of consultants and up-to-date databases, enables us to quickly identify and assess ideal candidates for your long and short term needs.


Lean-IT knows how to turn technology from your business’s greatest obstacle into the ultimate catalyst for realizing your business’s limitless potential. In fact, the key to high-performance is to transform emerging technologies from seemingly insurmountable roadblocks into vehicles of success in an ever-changing, high-speed, high-impact market.

The areas we provide IT professionals in include:

  • Business Analytics & Intelligence

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Enterprise Solutions

  • Information Management

  • QA and Testing Services




  • Operational Support & Consultation

  • Project Management

  • Software Development Lifecycle

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Technology Assessment & Management

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