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Top talent:  Our candidates are carefully selected and rigorously screened.  Only candidates of extraordinary caliber are submitted to our clients.  Our proprietary talent management systems boast a large and diverse talent pool that allows us to quickly identify pre-qualified potential talent.

Industry-aligned search specialists:  Our search specialists are aligned by industry and discipline.  This way, we understand each industry and job function more thoroughly.

Thorough submission process:  All candidates are submitted with a full profile describing their abilities, responsibilities, personality, previous work environment, thorough compensation history, and reference checks as needed.  We provide weekly status reports detailing progress made on each search.

Diversity:  We are a minority-owned business.  Accomplish your diversity spend objectives by channeling your staffing needs through HireTalent.

Referral program:  We leverage social and professional networks to source the best talent.  As a result, most of our placements happen through referrals or existing relationships.  Our strong relationships and a compensatory referral program help bring exceptionally qualified candidates into our network.

Trust:  We work very closely with our clients as an extension of their internal recruiting team.  Our client partnership is the cornerstone to our success.  We are often asked to sit in on recruiting calls, and allow our recruiters on-site to assist with a client's overall recruiting process.  Our strategy is tailored to your needs.

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